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INTERVIEW BY CLAUDIO PARENTELA | Variations in Nortnern Degradations 2009 | Please introduce yourself: We are 42-year-old Kommissar Hjuler and 28-year-old Mama Baer, also known as Kommissar Hjuler und Frau. My "name" normally is Papa Baer, but for my first releases I have taken the name Kommissar Hjuler and have hold it. We call erach other mama baer and papa baer (mama bear + papa bear), we both do not like our names, therefor wanted to change our names into Papa Baer Hjuler and Mama Baer Hjuler, but the community of Flensburg does not allow us to take names like papa baer or mama baer. We are used to these names, most of the people around accepted papa baer and mama baer as names, our two children Cy Hjuler (8) and Faust Adolf Hjuler (3) do only know us as papa baer and mama baer (!), this is true. more

INTERVIEW BY DANIEL SPICER | Wire Magazine, London 2010 | We normally do, but we came from the music. We started doing music. The art came about by doing all the artwork for our releases. It's not that we did any paintings or anything else, we started just doing big objects to have our CD-Rs and tapes inside or LPs. After some time it was about 2006, 2007 we first started to make objects without music. more

MIND ORGASM. ‒ Video interview by Violaine Bergoin and Harry Wheeler | Architects of Harmonic Rooms, 2011 | Mamabaer & Kommissar Hjuler have been simultaneously taking the international underground experimental music scene by storm whilst firmly integrating them self's into the contemporary art world. An intriguing couple that inspire confusion combined with powerful performances were ever they go. Kommissar Hjuler is policeman by day and porno artist by any other day he gets off, this video attempts to shed some light into their world. more