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Detlev Andrea Hjuler   
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with Violet Storm
UPPER HOPE PARK CHURCH GALLERY | 1 Summerhall |  Edinburgh, EH9 1PL
Oct 6 to Nov 24, 2012


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PLOT: "The German duo Kommissar Hjuler und Mama Baer (voted by Wire magazine as one of the top ten "Noize" acts in 2010) are not only remarkably prolific musicians but also both artists in their own right."

Kommissar Hjuler (a career policeman in his homeland) creates small boxes containing sculptures which star fictitious animals made of bread (Brotkatze or “bread cats”) which have adventures in a world of degradable materials such as toast, liquorice, long separated milk/strange liquids and other organic elements which are usually boxed or bottled and left to slowly rot or change depending on the conditions the work is displayed in.

The animals are a sort of representative alter ego for mankind and our stupid, self-indulgent ways. His wife, Mama Baer, paints large expressionist canvasses filled with monsters, terrorists, surgeons or, even, policemen. Many of the works created by Hjuler and his ”hausfrau” (the title is deliberate: creating a provocation out of the slightly-old-fashioned sexist term) are shocking, even obscene. Hjuler’s collages (sometimes found on copies of his LPs) often utilise cuttings from old copies of ‘Colour Climax’ the European sex magazine and in a new series of collaborative works with the British former adult film actress Violet Storm entitled ”Flux-porn”, Hjuler turns moments of perversity into humorous collages. Hjuler says: “Sex does not sell any art. To include porn in art is a fault in the eyes of most critics. So artists run against walls, if they work in this vein. We include pornography in our art, as art should be a mirror of society. It is a lie to exclude porn from art.”

Ticket Price: Free, non ticketed | Age Group: 18+ Please note some of the artworks are sexually explicit

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ABOUT SUMMERHALL: From August 2012, Summerhall will be open to the public all year round and will host events in all the City’s major festivals. But it’s far more than Edinburgh’s newest and biggest arts venue. Visitors will find theatre and gallery spaces, libraries and small museums, educational and research programmes, studios and workshops. It’s a new kind of community: a cross cultural village where arts and sciences talk to each other, where high tech rubs shoulders with all the arts including film and television and a craft brewer has revived a three hundred year old tradition of brewing on the site. Our Bar/Café is suitably named The Royal Dick, a nod to our building’s famous veterinary history. Summerhall has a unique atmosphere. It has already become a favourite location for making films, four alone since we started work in January 2012. Most importantly Summerhall is a work in progress — as more space is developed more ideas emerge. Here the possibilities are endless, “everyone is an artist”. more