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Detlev Hjuler: Voice | Mama Baer: Voice and Piano
Silvia Kastel: Electric Piano
Video Documentation 30:20 mins
Cafe OTO | 18-22 Ashwin Street | Dalston | London E8 3DL | April 15, 2011

A statement for the NO!art Movement! The Boris Lurie Art Foundation has put a trade mark right on the term NO!art, a fact that never could have been the will of Boris Lurie, and now the leaders of the NO!art, Dietmar Kirves and Clayton Patterson, are in conflict with the Boris Lurie Art Foundation, The Foundation asks the leaders of the NO!art, to whom was given leadership by Boris Lurie, to stop the NO!art. Detailed Information is at the website of the NO!art Movement. | see trailer

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ABOUT: Cafe OTO opened in April 2008 with the aim of providing a home for creative new music that exists outside of the mainstream. It comprises one large cafe/performance space open during the day serving food and drink with an evening programme of live music almost seven nights a week.