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Noise-Performance | Trailer 6:32 min

BOEKI WOEKI | Berenstraat 16 | Amsterdam | 9/19/2008 |

The Lion Sleeps Tonight (with 19 mountains) is a version of Georg David Weiss' text, first revorded by The Tokens in 1961. We reduce the song in the vein of No-Muzak in a free improvisation. Hjuler's versions have been shown several times, i. e. on Sept. 19th 2008 at book store Boekie Woekie, Amsterdam, and on Oct. 31st 2009 at festival Colour Out Of Space, Brighton. For the last event we have shown Mama baer?s film Aportation for background. Hjuler and Mama Baer only use their voices, for some presentations tapes have been used in the past time, the length was from 30 minutes up to one hour.