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Shot, Edit and Interviewed by Violaine Bergoin

2nd Camera and Produced by Harry Wheeler

Architects of Harmonic Rooms & Records | Moving Image
Hull | April 16, 2011 | 14:26 min

Mamabaer & Kommissar Hjuler have been simultaneously taking the international underground experimental music scene by storm whilst firmly integrating them self's into the contemporary art world. An intriguing couple that inspire confusion combined with powerful performances were ever they go. Kommissar Hjuler is policeman by day and porno artist by any other day he gets off, this video attempts to shed some light into their world.

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ABOUT: Architects of Harmonic Rooms & Records-Moving Image present a selection of video documents from their archives that reveal a world of ingenious, underground musicians and artists. This includes a video collaboration with Harappian Night Recordings celebrating the rich psychedelic world of obscure 1960s/70s Asian horror movies, a video profile of the renowned John Fahey/Robbie Basho influenced guitarist Steffen Basho-Junghans, American modern folk singer-songwriter Josephine Foster, Andalusian guitarist Victor Herrero, and the Greek Rembetika duo of Costa and Nero. Expect occasional interactive live musical accompaniment.

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